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LizardTech announces CADD Centers as its authorised reseller

SEATTLE, Wash., USA – January 27, 2009 – LizardTech, a division of Celartem Inc. and a provider of software solutions for managing and distributing digital content, announced that the company has signed a reseller agreement with CADD Centers of Florida Inc., a Florida-based geospatial technology firm, to serve as a distributor of the LizardTech Express Suite consisting of GeoExpress, Express Server and Spatial Express.

“CADD Centers of Florida is excited about the products LizardTech offers to our clients. These exceptional products will increase our clients’ productivity and ability in mapping and GIS for years to come,” said Richard Neiman, CADD Centers of Florida Inc.

“The demand for storing and serving massive geospatial data continues to grow rapidly; that’s why we are excited to add CADD’s experience to our growing network of authorized resellers and are confident that they will provide services using LizardTech’s products that will add value to the customer’s imagery assets.” said Kelly Downs, director of sales, LizardTech.

LizardTech’s line of geospatial software products combines image manipulation and compression tools with solutions for image storage and distribution in standard geospatial formats. The Express Suite products – GeoExpress, Spatial Express and Express Server – work together seamlessly and interoperate with virtually all geospatial applications and protocols.

GeoExpress is used for manipulating and encoding geospatial imagery to industry standard compression formats with its tools for reprojecting, colour balancing, mosaicking, cropping, etc. The interoperability within Express Suite means that users can configure Express Server and Spatial Express directly from GeoExpress, making it the ideal command center for their storage and distribution workflows.

Spatial Express enables users to store, manage, and access massive image datasets efficiently using their Oracle Spatial database. Whether users want to maximize return on their database investment by storing raster image data hundreds of gigabytes in size, or reduce storage space requirements for that imagery by up to 95 percent while retaining image quality, or view the imagery in their geospatial applications, Spatial Express is the key link between imagery, database, and end users.