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LINZ reveals strategic direction for 2011-2014

New Zealand: Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), the primary agency responsible for geographic information and geodetic and cadastral survey, published its Statement of Intent (SOI) which details the agency’s strategic direction from 2011 to 2014.

In the SOI, Hon. Maurice Williamson, Minister for Land Information, outlined priorities which represent the vital supporting roles that LINZ performs. Firstly, the department is implementing a new rent system for pastoral leases in the South Island High Country. Based on the SOI, the new system will ensure the lessees of the 1.5 million hectare area can continue to productively farm their land and protect its value.

Secondly, LINZ is contributing to the cross-government drive to negotiate historic Treaty of Waitangi settlements by 2014 and deliver a stronger foundation for future Ma-ori prosperity through release of land assets to iwi around New Zealand.

The department’s third priority is its most transformational – leading the charge to see geospatial information change the way government agencies and businesses plan and deliver their services.

Geospatial information has become an important driver of New Zealand’s future economic growth, and is now playing a vital role in improving Government efficiencies and infrastructure development, as well as business innovation.

For its fourth priority, the Minister for Land Information has assigned the agency an additional priority – to support the rebuilding of Canterbury.

Source: FutureGov