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Linnet puts biodiversity on the map

The Land Systems Company announced the delivery of a comprehensive geographic software system that tracks, maps and monitors plants, animals and habitats that face extinction, to NatureServe, one of the world’s largest conservation organizations. The Biotics Tracker System is being installed in all NatureServe’s Natural Heritage Programs and Conservation Data Centres throughout the Americas, and will serve as the technological backbone of a continent-wide network to help preserve rare, threatened and endangered species and their environments. Its central database will form the hub of NatureServe’s’ integrated approach to conservation.

The Biotics Tracker initiative is Linnet’s second project in a larger program that began in 1995, when it designed and developed an automated mapping system, (Biotics Mapper) for NatureServe. That project demonstrated that NatureServe needed a system that incorporated their map information with scientific data, and that would supplement NatureServe’s rigorous scientific “species-at-risk” evaluation process. The roll out, this month of Biotics Tracker, is the culmination of this long-term project. NatureServe represents a network of member programs comprising 75 independent centres for the collection of data about the plants, animals, and ecological communities of the Western Hemisphere. These Natural Heritage Programs are found in all 50 U.S. states, ten Canadian provinces, and 12 countries and territories of Latin America and the Caribbean. Its mandate is to protect our environment by improving public understanding of biodiversity and by developing essential information about rare and endangered plants and animals and threatened ecosystems Established in 1988, Linnet – The Land Systems Company is the a provider of enterprise land management systems for industry and government across North America and around the world.