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LiDAR tech guides Google’s driverless car

US: Google introduced a driverless car, guided by LiDAR technology. The car, worth USD 75000, provides drivers a 360 degree and 3D view of surroundings. The LiDAR tech will guide the car at every road and traffic signal and also detect other cars and pedestrians. It will work in all weather conditions. It is specially designed for those with mobility issues.

Google driverless tech can help drivers deal with crowded and congested areas. With autonomous cars being the focus at Google, these vehicles will be guided to less congested roads with the help of computers and the car would be guided by instructions received to steer the vehicle.

Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google said that there were a number of people who find it difficult to get around. These people would benefit by this technology as these cars would be able to tackle congested roads, ensure parking facilities, etc.

The autonomous car was taken on a test and managed to complete a 1000 mile challenge without any difficulties and without human intervention. The driverless tech car is in its development stage and it would be some time before it is finally seen on our roads.

Source: Rush Lane