Home News Business LiDAR firm rechristened Teledyne Optech after acquisition

LiDAR firm rechristened Teledyne Optech after acquisition

US: Teledyne Technologies has taken full ownership of Optech, a Canadian manufacturer of laser-based survey and digital imaging instrumentation. Teledyne had held a majority stake in Optech for the last three years. The acquisition will not result in any significant operational changes other than a new name, Teledyne Optech.

"We have now been operating as Teledyne for three years, with only this name change outstanding. Plans for Optech have been made as part of Teledyne, and it has been very beneficial to be part of a larger entity that shares the same commitment to research and development,” said Optech Founder Allan Carswell.

"Teledyne was very supportive of our new CZMIL Project Programme, as well as the building of our own CZMIL equipment that is being successfully deployed by our clients for projects around the world. Along with the investment, the additional expertise in export and insurance were very helpful,” said Don Carswell, President of Teledyne Optech.

Source: Optech