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Library of Congress aims for a geospatial search engine

Library of CongressUS: The Library of Congress (LOC) is planning to have a search engine software that can find and manage geospatial information in and outside the library system and work with a variety of geographic mapping and analysis tools.

The LOC is seeking the ability to locate, audit, index, inventory, search and produce reports and usage statistics, as well as easily exchange geographic information on remote and local servers or file storage systems. The prospective contract would have a tenure of five years till September 2019.

Labelled as the ‘geospatial search engine software solution’, it would let the staff gather data in a variety of formats and sources, including geospatial data sets, text files, . digital images, xml, PDFs and other common file formats.

According to an LOC notice, “For many of the content sources, little or no geographic metadata exists. Instead, much of the content is housed on enterprise level storage systems and is measured in terabytes. [It is also] complex, often involving highly interdependent elements that must be rendered simultaneously.”

Moreover, “while the product itself needs to be independent, the software solution needs to be interoperable with all major geospatial mapping and analysis tools and content sources”, it added.

The LOC also wants the ability to find geographic information in free text and translate that information into geospatial information that can be plotted and rendered on maps produced by all major geospatial mapping and analysis tools, including Esri ArcGIS.

Source: GSA