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Leptonmaps launches Populace+ service

New Delhi, India: Leptonmaps, an Indian geographic databases & GIS solutions provider, launched its new map product Populace+, the demographic and lifestyle map data. Populace+ is built by integrating AdminMap+, which is another offering from Leptonmaps that provides point/boundary for state, district, tehsil, town/ village and ward levels, and demographic and lifestyle data.

Populace+ uses Indian census data which is the most credible source of information on demography and lifestyle, providing crucial information such as administrative name & code, population, census houses and the uses to which they are put, distribution by size and number of dwelling rooms, distribution of households by source of lighting etc.

Product Manager of Leptonmaps, Sarabjeet Kaur said, “Populace+ is a powerful product which provides crucial information that is used for management level decision making. This product will appeal to a diverse set of markets.”

Source: India PR Wire