Leica XPro 4.4 supports 4-band multispectral orthophoto generation

Leica XPro 4.4 supports 4-band multispectral orthophoto generation


Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica XPro’s new version 4.4 now supports RGB and multispectral 4-band ortho-photo generation including near infrared (NIR) from data acquired with the Leica ADS Airborne Digital Sensor HiRes mode. Leica XPro, Leica Geosystems’ leading line sensor workflow that provides advanced ground processing from data download to image generation, has further been updated with several new features.

According to company, users seeking to improve their cost base can reduce flight lines and data acquisition costs significantly by acquiring data with the Leica ADS HiRes mode that supports a swath width of up to 24000 pixels.

With a brand new L0 data delivery and export option, users can now easily transfer Leica ADS high quality image data to their preferred photogrammetric workflow solution and easily perform aerial triangulation and product generation in an environment familiar to them.

While reviewing and analysing images on the fly, the Radiometric Profiles concept allows the user to select the most preferred image adjustment settings. The radiometric properties of the required deliverables can be determined in advance without the need to start the final product generation process.

Further enhancements in Leica XPro 4.4 include new option in Data Preparation for creating L2 Quickviews, optional viewing of cross-eyed stereo in QC Viewer, new option of starting APM from Aerial Triangulation interface, additional option for datum estimation per session in the Triangulation module and new option for exporting adjusted points from Triangulation module.

Source: Leica