Leica updates its monitoring software

Leica updates its monitoring software


Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems has updated its monitoring software Leica GeoMoS. The updated Leica GeoMoS v5.1 features the new Leica M-Com series, the first compact plug and play solutions for reliable and stable monitoring communication. According to the company, Leica M-Com seamlessly integrates Total Stations, GNSS receivers and antennas, geotechnical sensors, software and IT communication infrastructure. Further, Leica GeoMoS v5.1 supports the latest Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

The new M-Com series offers easy installation, reliable communication, connection of multiple sensors and external devices. This increases the mobility of periodic or short term monitoring systems. Product manager Michael Rutschmann states, “Modern communication devices play a central part in any automatic monitoring installation, where sensors are connected to computers in the office over the internet. Leica M-Com ensures reliable and stable communication links in any project, enabling the continuous access to configuration and sensor data from a monitoring system.”

Leica M-Com integrates communications, power, data logger, digital I/O and sensor components in a robust environmentally protected enclosure as a fundamental building block of a reliable automatic monitoring system. The Leica ComBox reliably links sensors in the field to the office via the mobile internet. The sensors are controlled over the mobile Internet from an office PC with dedicated monitoring software. Each ComBox supports all devices (for example, power supply, cables and digital I/O) required for reliable 24/ 7 sensor operation for automatic monitoring. All types of different sensors (for example, TPS, GNSS, NIVEL200 and others) are supported by the new communication box. The ComBox makes installation of a monitoring system more simple and flexible then ever before. ComBox10 and ComBox20 differ in the number of available sensor connections. Both communication boxes consist of a compact outdoor housing with a lock system and wall brackets for mounting.

An optional component of Leica M-Com is the MonBox30, an energy-efficient Intel-based mini-industrial computer with a robust housing and pre-installed Leica GeoMoS monitoring software. The Leica MonBox30 provides an additional level of security by ensuring that monitoring can continue even in the event of loss of communication.

The delivery of ComBox10 and ComBox20 starts immediately. The delivery of the MonBox30 will start in October. GeoMoS v5.1 is available immediately. Users with a valid Leica CCP contract can update to Leica GeoMoS v5.1 free of charge.

Source: Leica Geosystems