Home News Leica SmartPole unveiled; new product offers non-stop measurements with setup on-the-fly

Leica SmartPole unveiled; new product offers non-stop measurements with setup on-the-fly

Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 28 November 2006 – By introducing Leica SmartPole, Leica Geosystems adds a further tool to its System 1200 Series surveying system. With Leica SmartPole, the coordinates and orientation are determined On-the-Fly whilst conducting the survey, using both GPS and TPS. This saves time in planning and executing the survey.

Leica SmartPole saves time in both the office and the field. No longer is it necessary to identify control points in the office and search for control in the field, to first measure orientation points and only then detail points.

The crew can simply begin to work and conduct the setup On-the-Fly whilst completing the survey. With SmartPole, the most convenient location for positioning the total station can be chosen.

Traversing is no longer required, each TPS set up can be conducted independently with new coordinates and orientation being determined with SmartPole GPS. Once the TPS orientation and coordinates are known, all measured points are automatically updated. The user can chose control points that deliver the best geometric distribution whilst simultaneously completing the survey. This ensures maximum flexibility and hence productivity.

With Leica SmartPole, both TPS and GPS are available at all times to ensure every point can be measured. When GPS is restricted by overhead obstructions… – use TPS; when no TPS line-of-sight is available… – use GPS. The surveyor benefits from easy-to-use GPS and continuous productivity.

Leica SmartPole is compatible with System 1200, which combines high-end total station with the RTK tool. The same SmartAntenna can be used together with a TPS1200 as a SmartStation, together with a RX1250 controller as a SmartRover or together with a 360° reflector and RX1250 controller as a SmartPole. By truly complementing each other, SmartStation and SmartPole make System 1200 the most complete surveying.