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Leica releases LiDAR Survey Studio 2.2

US: Leica Geosystems has released a new version of its LiDAR Survey Studio (LSS) software package for post-processing of airborne LIDAR data, such as the Leica DragonEye, Chiroptera and HawkEye. LSS includes a full-capability 3D Point Cloud Viewer and an Analysis toolbox. It now integrates LIDAR point cloud data with RGB and near-infrared imagery from high resolution cameras, making colour-coded point clouds available in the LiDAR Survey Studio software. Now, every LIDAR point has allocated RGBN values, stored in the standard LAS 1.4 format. The point cloud can be viewed in the RGB, NIR and CIR presentations, in addition to all previous views which make post-processing work more intuitive and reviewing of LiDAR data easier. The RGBN attributes of the point can further be used for advanced LIDAR point classification, for example in forestry and vegetation classification.

Source: Leica Geosystems