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Leica Photogrammetry Suite V9.0 announced

Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging recently announced Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) Version 9.0. Aimed at high-volume production photogrammetry organizations, LPS 9.0 provides an efficient means of editing seams for sizable projects that may involve a large number of images. This release also introduces Leica MosaicPro and makes available several innovative features, benefits and fixes. Updated versions of PRO600 9.0 and ORIMA DP for LPS 9.0 are also included with this release.

New features and enhancements in LPS 9.0 include an improved auto-correlation during manual point measurement in the Stereo Point Measurement tool, seed DTM support in the Automatic Terrain Extraction module, the ability to edit terrain extraction properties for all image pairs in the Automatic Terrain Extraction module, CARTOSAT RPC model support, graphical view for tie point patterns in LPS Core, APM success rate report and the ability to create empty terrain datasets in LPS Core. The new Leica MosaicPro module features improved seam editing capabilities, enhanced functionality and improved radiometric adjustment abilities. With seam editing, image previewing and a streamlined user interface, Leica MosaicPro increases efficiency through a smooth process and improved functionality, which ultimately reduces project time. Features and benefits of Leica MosaicPro are easy use of polygonal seams to visualize the output mosaic, new embedded viewer for rendering images and performing seam editing in a streamlined process, preview option that applies all settings for a selected preview area within the embedded viewer, streamlined user interface featuring all tools within a single toolbar, new “Global Balancing” algorithm for optimal radiometric adjustment results, new image selection and graphical display capabilities, new “visible” column added to the cell array and optimized default settings. Features and benefits of PRO600 9.0 include semi-automatic grid terrain dataset measurement in PRODTM; various snap-to-ground image correlation modes in the PROLPS driver; and ability to quickly hide and show stereo overlay graphics in the LPS ViewPlex. Features and benefits of ORIMA DP for LPS 9.0 include improved stability, and it includes the option to edit sigma a priori of control points, new options for image activation and point selection, and allows more efficient point measurement.