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Leica MobileMatriX v1.51 launched

Norcross, Georgia, April 19, 2006 – With its newly launched Version 1.51, Leica MobileMatriX now fully supports a Multi-Sensor GIS. Within a Multi-Sensor GIS field crews can attach several sensors – TPS, GPS, Levels and Laser Range Finders – at the same time and also can measure with various sensors simultaneously. Multi-Sensor GIS is an emerging trend for mobile GIS and mapping applications. By accurately synchronizing data from various independent sensors, Leica MobileMatriX manages measurement processes and storage of those in one common database directly. Leica MobileMatriX v1.51 is a major step forward in getting various surveying sensors close to a GIS database.

Furthermore, since the software is graphically based, data quality and completeness can be checked immediately as data is acquired, which avoids expensive re-measurements when quality control activities in the office detect deficiencies.