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Leica introduces Spider Software Suite v4.1

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems announced the new version 4.1 of its Leica Spider software suite including Leica GNSS Spider, Leica SpiderWeb and Leica SpiderQC. The market leading software introduces full GPS and GLONASS satellite correction signals support in accordance with the recently amended RTCM v3 international standard for network RTK (MAC).

Leica Spider software is an integrated suite of programmes for GNSS networks that is modular and scalable. It can be tailored to suit various GNSS surveying, machine control, GIS, seismic and structural monitoring applications.

New RTCM v3 standard for network RTK: The RTCM organisation recently published an amendment to the RTCM v3.1 standard for network RTK (Master Auxiliary Concept – MAC) covering the GLONASS correction signals. This is now fully supported by all current Leica Geosystems products, including Leica GNSS Spider. “The internationally accepted RTCM standard MAC is the only true standard for network RTK. It offers the most versatile solution for field systems to benefit from an RTK network infrastructure.  Now that this also applies to the GLONASS satellites constellation, no other method matches with this standard”, said Frank Pache, Senior Product Manager at Leica Geosystems. “Customers will truly benefit from increased positioning availability and quality when using Leica GNSS Spider and Leica Viva rover systems, that now both support this latest RTCM standard”, Pache continued.

Leica Spider Software: The new version introduces enhancements across all aspects of network RTK operation and services. The Spider Business Center web portal, an integrated secure solution for online subscription and management of all GNSS network services, offers unique value adding benefits to every service provider. The new advanced sorting and filtering capabilities make the user and service administration even more efficient. Full HTML email support allows for meaningful and accentuated customer information.

The Leica SpiderWeb features an enhanced network post-processing data service (Virtual RINEX). This also includes GPS and GLONASS and is based on the same proven standards as those applied in real-time network RTK. The Leica SpiderWeb unique Coordinate Computation Service for static and kinematic online post-processing offers enhanced user data validation. Generally improved processing feedback enables the customers to better evaluate the delivered results.

Leica SpiderQC features the automatic and manual analysis and graphic representation of RINEX formatted meteorological and inclination data series.  In addition, an off-line mode for all real-time monitoring graphs now enables the user to directly investigate details for the complete online data history.

With the Leica Spider software suite Leica Geosystems offers an advanced and versatile, yet simple and efficient to use solution for GNSS Infrastructure and Network RTK. It allowed network service providers to fully focus on the business of reference stations and to optimise the scope of services they offer.

Source: Leica Geoesystems