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Leica introduces Leica TPS1200+

Norcross, USA, October 10, 2007: Leica Geosystems introduces survey grade total station with enhancements in accuracy, productivity, and scalability in their new Leica TPS1200+ Total Station.

Users no longer have to trade pointing accuracy to gain the convenience of robotic instruments. In combination with the new positioning camera, the PinPoint reflectorless EDM range and accuracy has increased two fold. The improved features of the telescope and the new high contrast color display make this instrument the best in its class.

To improve instrument performance to reflectors, a new CMOS camera system has been developed. This camera now makes pointing accuracies of 1 sec possible. To improve the overall instrument distance accuracy, a new red-diode EDM has been designed to bring the base EDM accuracy to 1mm.

Built in DXF file support makes sure that all drawing programs are supported both in the field and in the office. Improved Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) sensors in the TPS 1200+ follow the prism with precision. With Leica’s SmartStation, SmartRover and SmartPole options, the user can customize their surveying equipment to their specific tasks, crew’s needs and budget. Leica System 1200 combines TPS and GNSS in the most efficient and complete way. System 1200 is a complete solution that is ready to be expanded when you are.