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Leica industrial measurement systems unveils horizon software

Leica Industrial Measurement Systems (IMS), a division of Leica Geosystems, has announced Horizon, a first-to-the-market software suite allowing engineers to perform reverse engineering and 3D build-and-inspect applications within one industrial standard platform. This groundbreaking software enables users to work with 3D coordinate measurement data like no other system. During a data-gathering work session, users can selectively drop and drag measurements, as well as view, verify, report, and edit these data in real-time. Horizon works exclusively with AutoCAD® Mechanical 6 (AutoDesk, Inc., San Rafael, CA). The program runs on all popular personal computer platforms – Windows™( 98, 2000, and NT. Leica IMS manufactures, markets, and supplies hardware and software packages to meet the sophisticated needs of the industrial metrology market.

Horizon can be easily tailored for customer applications. Users can set up laser trackers, theodolites, and other measurement instruments wherever necessary for quick online verification of 3D object data. The software blends real-time analysis capabilities with automatic alignment and geometric features. Horizon’s online reporting feature manages all data during the measuring process. The system can also import digitised point data from virtually any source, and accurately processes all data formats. This new level of access to 3D data will dramatically increase a company’s return on investment for their CAD and inspection systems. Such leading manufacturers as British Aerospace Systems (U.K.) and Airbus (Germany) have recently deployed horizon.

The software program also features a 3D graphical CAD environment with real-time online CAD-compare communications. Other highlights of Horizon include a graphical or digital deviation display, shape-fitting algorithms, and colour mapping. Horizon also supplies all the software tools required for defining NURBS curves and surfaces from point clouds. Using only one tool, users can configure and edit reports online, utilize balloon-reporting features, and also obtain tracing measurement results.