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Leica Geosystems ships ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6

Leica Geosystems has announced that the ERDAS IMAGINE V 8.6, a robust geographic imaging software suite, is now shipping worldwide. The latest version of ERDAS IMAGINE features a hyperspectral image analysis enhancement; common vector data access between ERDAS IMAGINE and ESRI ArcGIS’ Geodatabase formats; and makes the IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table (GLT) a standard interface.

ERDAS IMAGINE, the standard in geographic imaging software, keeps getting better and ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6 is no exception. ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6 will add support for ESRI’s new Geodatabase formats, advanced image handling tools through the IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table interface, more import and export utilities, superior mosaicking functions, and advanced 3D visualization and scene creation capabilities. ERDAS IMAGINE 8.6 will also include numerous enhancements previously released to ERDAS’ Software Subscription Service customers on the ERDAS Web site.

Key Features Summary

ESRI Geodatabase support
IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table
Spectral Analysis tools for hyperspectral image processing
Frame Sampling tools
Class Grouping tool
Vertical Datum support
Extended importers, exporters and raster DLLs
Model animation in IMAGINE VirtualGIS
Multi-resolution terrain geometry and morphing in IMAGINE VirtualGIS