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Leica Geosystems releases Pegasus:Two mobile mapping platform

US: Leica Geosystems has launched Pegasus: Two, a vehicle independent mobile mapping platform. By calibrating imagery and LiDAR point cloud data, the Pegasus:Two delivers accurate and economical geospatial data in a 360° spherical view while providing two methods for extracting data – either through LiDAR or via photogrammetry. The platform uses six horizontal cameras, plus an optional rear camera and a skyward view camera, a single high speed LiDAR sensor, and an external output for an additional sensor.

From hardware to post-processing, Pegasus:Two allows economic data collection by balancing the largest pixel to sensor ratio on the market (5.5 x 5.5 µm), delivering extremely high image resolution, in a 4MB camera and using a single low-noise, high-speed profiler. Users can download data via the WiFi or wired ethernet or even faster by using the latest USB3 interface, by means of a multi-core, industrial PC with 1TB storage and a solid state drive, enabling longer missions. An optional rotation mount, designed specifically for the Leica ScanStation P20, also makes mounting the terrestrial scanner upside down or right side up while also enabling left or right rotation.

Leica Geosystems also introduced an external timing output and trigger signal for use with a variety of additional sensors, from a thermal camera, to ground penetrating radar, sonar, or even a pollution monitor. The External Trigger feature synchronises time stamping and coordinates user data with one simple click, making 3D mobile mapping very user-friendly.

Source: Leica Geosystems