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Leica Geosystems releases Leica MobileMatriX v2.0

Switzerland, 03 May 2007: Leica Geosystems announced on May 03rd, the release of Leica MobileMatriX v2.0. Leica MobileMatriX is the multi-sensor GIS solution from Leica Geosystems for capturing GIS data directly in the field.

The new version 2.0 now supports Leica ATX1230 GG and Leica ATX900 antennas as well as Leica Geosystems laser rangefinder products. The new GLONASS and GPS processing capability within Leica MobileMatriX’ RTK option improves signal availability for high accuracy Real Time Kinematic (RTK) mapping tasks. Furthermore, Leica MobileMatriX on ArcGIS Edition v2.0 also supports ESRI ArcGIS 9.2.

Leica MobileMatriX is a WindowsTM- based field solution for the interactive processing, visualization and maintenance of feature and survey data. It directly integrates survey related data collection and processing functionality into ArcGIS. Leica MobileMatriX can be used in the field and in the office, providing a consistent, intuitive user interface. It is no longer required that the survey data is processed in an external software since Leica MobileMatriX integrates all data processing within the GIS.

Leica MobileMatriX v2.0 is much focused on usability and workflow tasks. With this new version of Leica MobileMatriX, mobile GIS users will be able to perform mapping tasks faster and more efficiently.

Leica MobileMatriX in the Office: The WindowsTM based mapping system lets GIS users enter their field data captures while editing and maintaining a digital version of the office database, regardless of the method and instrumentation used in a variety of different applications.

Leica MobileMatriX in the Field: When attached to a Leica Geosystems total station, GPS, level, laser rangefinder or laser distancemeter, Leica MobileMatriX offers increased mapping usability, accuracy, reliability and productivity.

Leica MobileMatriX v2.0 includes several new features and enhancements (GPS Occupation by Distance, Clone&Finish Command, Attribute Data Collection) further improving the GIS workflow while mapping in the field. This eliminates the need to post-process and manually modify the collected data in the office, and gets GIS data from the field back to the office faster and easier than before.

New level improvements in functionality and computation methods further strengthen the use of Leica MobileMatriX for height modernization tasks such as levee surveys. The usage of CSCS and geoid models within Leica MobileMatriX v2.0 makes the mobile user even more independent from the sensor than before. The geoid model plays a dominant role in achieving high accuracy results in control surveys, large scale mapping, engineering surveys, and height modernization.