Home News Business Leica Geosystems partners with PASCO, Japan’s largest GIS solutions provider.

Leica Geosystems partners with PASCO, Japan’s largest GIS solutions provider.

Japan’s largest surveying and mapping company, PASCO, has signed a partnership agreement with Leica Geosystems to further develop the fast growing market of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Since PASCO is one of the largest GIS product and services provider world-wide, the collaboration will concentrate not only on Leica Geosystems’ products and technologies but also on the development of completely new solutions together with Leica and ESRI, the international provider of GIS software.

PASCO K.K., a company of the SECOM Group, is recognised as one of the world’s largest suppliers of geographical information and as a leader in the implementation of the most modern surveying and GIS technologies. PASCO has been the first company world-wide to use a digital aerial camera “The ADS40” produced by LH Systems, a company of Leica Geosystems. The ADS40 enables PASCO to capture data about the landscape and its objects far more precisely than sensors from satellites. PASCO is also providing its customers with the most recent technology for producing 3-D images and models using the Cyrax laser-scanner, another advanced product of Leica Geosystems. In addition, as a sole agent in Japan they are also distributing the revolutionary 3-D Imagine software from ERDAS, another company that has been part of the Leica Geosystems group since 2001. PASCO has been a sole agent for ESRI, the US company which is the market leader in the GIS software segment, and recently they made the decision to establish a new company, ESRI-Japan K.K. Leica Geosystems has been a strategic partner with ESRI for many years.