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Leica Geosystems Mining partners with Locata

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems Mining announced an exclusive industry partnership with Locata Corporation Pty Ltd to provide the mining industry with the world’s only high precision radio positioning system that is not reliant on GPS.

Known as the Leica Jigsaw Positioning System (Jps), Leica Geosystems Mining will provide this new technology as a part of their Jigsaw product suite. According to company’s press statement, Leica Jps provides an unprecedented level of reliability for high precision positioning by deploying ground-based LocataLite transmitters which augment conventional GPS systems.

The mine, instead of relying solely on GPS satellites to provide high precision positioning, can maintain availability and accuracy by using the Leica Jps alternative reference points in combination with any available GPS satellites. For example, three GPS satellites can be used in combination with two LocataLites to still provide a high precision position – something which would not normally be possible.

Leica Jps can augment the Jps LocataLite signals with the GPS signals to give uninterrupted operation, thereby solving the problem of blocked satellite signals and resultant downtime.  A Leica Jps network has been successfully deployed and used in Western Australia on a large open cut gold mine in exactly this manner, supporting their High Precision guidance systems as a part of the product development process.

One of the fundamental requirements for GPS-style positioning is that all of the transmitters are synchronized to each other. Atomic clocks are used in all of the GPS satellites to achieve this. In a ground-breaking technical advance, however, the LocataLite transmitters can achieve this extremely high level of synchronization without using any atomic clocks. Within minutes of being turned on, the LocataLites generate an autonomous, nanosecond-accurate positioning network through a new synchronization process called “TimeLoc”. In this manner, each LocataLite unit becomes the functional equivalent of a 100 million dollar GPS satellite and so creates an alternative point of reference for the HP positioning network.

LocataLites are placed in any mining area requiring additional coverage. They can be permanently positioned on site or moved at will (or any combination thereof) ensuring the mine’s Leica Jps network is set up exactly where and when needed.

The Locata network can be deployed completely independent of any GPS network, using only the LocataLites as points of reference. Locata therefore provide a fully operational, stand-alone high precision positioning network. No other technology has ever been able to achieve this previously.

Source: Leica Geosystems