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Leica Geosystems launches new TCR400power series

Leica Geosystems announced the introduction of the TCR400power series. Based on the TCR400 range, the TCR400power total stations feature extended reflectorless measurement range up to 170m. In addition, all TPS400 instruments are supposed to be delivered with the new version 2 software from end of September. Version 2 software offers various new options that increase the efficiency of the TPS400 total stations. Providing 170m reflectorless measurement range with a narrow visible red laser is best-of-its-class performance. Under good light and target conditions, even 200m range is possible. The new TCR400power instruments are available with a choice of 7”, 5” or 3” angular accuracy. The version 2 onboard software highly improves the efficiency on the TPS400 instruments. A new method to input alphanumeric data makes daily operation even more convenient. New features make surveying with TPS400 more powerful, such as the possibility to use up to five points for orientation computation, providing higher redundancy. An innovative ‘Construction’ application combines all tasks that typically are executed in building and construction work into one workflow.

The electronic distance measurement (EDM) is the fastest in the market. Now with the introduction of the TCR400power, customers can even measure longer ranges than before. That further increases the productivity of the TPS400 users.