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Leica Geosystems launches Leica ALS50-II LIDAR System

Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 19 May 2006: Leica Geosystems has announced the launch of Leica ALS50-II LIDAR System. With the Leica ALS50-II, Leica Geosystems presents the Airborne Laser Scanner. The product allows data capture at pulse rates up to 150kHz, while offering improved accuracy. With the Leica ALS50-II, users can get planimetric spacing while achieving accuracy of 11cm (including GPS errors) at all pulse rates.

Leica ALS50-II is the second generation of the Leica ALS50 and features other notable improvements, including: Expanded flying height envelope (200m – 6000 m AGL) and faster scan rates to 90 Hz; Simplified operation with all functions now controlled via advanced graphical user interface, and no need for discrete laser attenuators; Incorporation of Leica Geosystems’ new IPAS GPS / inertial measurement engine and Redesigned Control Electronics for a 54% reduction in volume and 33 kg reduction in weight while improving reliability.