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Leica Geosystems launches iCON positioning system

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems launched iCON positioning and measuring system that offers construction professionals optimised construction workflow efficiency. The iCON range comprises integrated new surveying equipment hardware and software with support systems and comprehensively networked information.

As an umbrella for the entire Leica Geosystems Construction programme, iCON includes:
– iCONstruct: Tailor-made hardware and software solutions for positioning and measuring tasks on site.
– iCONtrol: Providing perfect communication between construction personnel on site and a comprehensive portfolio of machine control solutions.
– iCONsult: An extensive support network, with clear guidance on intelligent CONstruction benefits to grow contractors businesses.
– iCONnect: Connects the system to a superior network. Wireless data transfer, easy, fast and secure.

Leica iCON offers complete and tailored positioning solutions for the building construction segment and the civil engineering segment. The company plans to expand the iCON solutions to further specific construction trade segments in the near future.

The iCONstruct equipment comprises iCON build and iCON site, which offer construction and surveying professionals different stables of capabilities that are highly tailored for the specific purposes. While iCON build focuses on aiding building tasks, such as the precise laying out of formwork with total stations or roughly mark a building pit using GPS, iCON site aids with positioning solutions on civil engineering projects, such as data collection on site, stake out tasks and grade checks.

The new iCON robot 50 is an all-new total station that allows for easy one-person operation for layout tasks, while the Leica iCON gps 60 SmartAntenna provides multiple communication and networking operations, all of which can be controlled with the robust 7” Leica iCON CC60/61 tablet PC and field controller.

Source: Leica Geosystems