Leica Geosystems introduces Leica ADS40 2nd Generation Airborne Digital Sensor

Leica Geosystems introduces Leica ADS40 2nd Generation Airborne Digital Sensor


5 October 2006 – Leica Geosystems has announced the introduction of its Leica ADS40 2nd Generation Airborne Digital Sensor. In 2001, the company was first to introduce large-format digital cameras with its Leica ADS40. With more than 50 Airborne Digital Sensors already delivered worldwide, Leica Geosystems has now developed two new sensor heads – SH51 and SH52 – for this successful system.

Equipped with new, patented beamsplitter technology, the SH51 Sensor Head provides perfectly co-registered color and panchromatic images for stereo viewing. The SH52 adds a stereo color-infrared capability. Professionals can now produce and use the 5-band co-registered imagery for all aerial surveying and airborne remote sensing applications. Time and costs are saved through simultaneous, wide-area acquisition of true high-resolution panchromatic, color and color-infrared digital images.

The guiding single-lens design principle for the Leica ADS40 2nd Generation avoids multiple-lens image patching. Pan-colorizing (pan-sharpening) with low resolution spectral band images, that causes color distortion, is not required for the Leica ADS40 2nd Generation. Plus, optimal stereo viewing is achieved color fringe-free, due to the constant stereo and viewing angle. Thus, the Leica ADS40 2nd Generation has reached the ultimate goal of uncompromising geometric and radiometric representation of the earth’s surface.

Dr. Juergen Dold, Senior Vice President of Leica Geosystems’ Imaging and Scanning Business Area states: “Since 1925, our cameras and sensors have set the industry standard for airborne imaging technology. The Leica ADS40 2nd Generation sensor heads continue this tradition by producing leading-edge imagery with equal resolution in all five bands. The SH52 Sensor Head has just completed pilot projects for forestry and urban applications. Its co-registered bands gave remarkable results for remote sensing needs such as forestry, while the 4-times increased sensitivity allows extended coverage and capability for large scale urban mapping. Ultimately, the lead of the 3-line sensor principle over all other large-format digital camera concepts is further increased.”

The Leica ADS40 2nd Generation is designed for versatility by providing performance, cost and exportability options. Additionally, Leica Geosystems continues to enhance its first-class global customer support network. “Those factors help make ADS40 2nd Generation Airborne Digital Sensors the first choice worldwide for airborne imagery collection”, says Dr. Dold.

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