Leica Geosystems introduces GNSS Spider v4.0

Leica Geosystems introduces GNSS Spider v4.0


Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems announced Leica GNSS Spider v4.0 as part of the new reference station software update that also includes Leica SpiderWeb v4.0 and Leica SpiderQC v4.0.  Leica GNSS Spider v4.0 features an all-new Business Center web portal for all GNSS Services. In addition, It supports new GR10 “plug’n’play” reference station receiver.

Leica GNSS Spider is an integrated software suite for GNSS networks that is modular and scalable.  It can be tailored to suit various GNSS surveying, machine automation, GIS, seismic, and structural monitoring applications. Professional service providers world-wide count on the Spider infrastructure software. .

New Spider Business Center
The Spider Business Center web portal is the integrated secure solution for online subscription and management of all GNSS network services. It smoothly integrates Leica GNSS Spider and Leica SpiderWeb services and allows complementing them with individual value adding benefits that are unique to the service provider. It provides tools to view, register and manage real time and post-processing services. It is designed to monitor service usage, to enable exchange of data, to view online network and rover status and assist with support & accounting.

Frank Pache, Product Manager at Leica Geosystems said, “With using the new Spider Business Center our customers can fully focus on growing their business and achieve the best return on investment, while others are still administrating their services.”

Advances for GNSS monitoring
The various monitoring applications can benefit from the further optimised GNSS Spider Positioning modules. In Post-Processing public or other external reference station RINEX data can now be easily used as reference data.  Real-Time Positioning precise ephemeris can be applied to improve the processing.  

Source: Leica Geossytems