Leica Geosystems expands its GMX902 family

Leica Geosystems expands its GMX902 family


Switzerland: Leica Geosystems launched GMX902 GNSS to enhance the product offering by adding 50Hz data rate, triple frequency and Galileo tracking. It is a part of the family of streamlined receivers for deformation monitoring and real time reference station applications. In addition, the existing GMX902 GG has been updated with high speed serial ports and lower power consumption.

At data rates of up to 50Hz, the GMX902 GNSS is ideal for monitoring vibrations and movements of a wide variety of structures including bridges, high rise buildings, dams, landslides and more. As low cost, high quality GNSS receivers, the GMX902 Series is great for densifying RTK reference station networks and integrity monitoring together with Leica GNSS Spider.

The Leica GMX902 GNSS does not include costly extra functions and its power consumption only is 1.7W enabling it to operate much longer on solar, wind or backup power than other receivers.

The GMX902 GNSS integrates seamlessly with the Leica GNSS Spider advanced GNSS processing software for coordinate calculation and raw data storage and the Leica GeoMoS and Leica GNSS QC monitoring software for advanced data analysis, quality control integrity monitoring, analysis of movements, data archiving, limit checks, messaging and combination with other sensors.

The GMX902 GNSS supports GPS L1/L2C/L2P/L5, GLONASS L1/L2 and Galileo L1/E5a/E5b/E5a+b (AltBOC) tracking making it a safe investment for the future and one that will bring all the benefits of triple frequency and multi-GNSS systems as they become available over the next few years.

Leica FPES v10.1 boosts productivity
In another context, Leica Geosystems announced a new version of Leica FPES v10.1, Flight Planning & Evaluation Software (FPES). It allows a fast and automatic load of DTM data with sophisticated computation capabilities. Beside many other enhancements Leica FPES v10.1 supports Windows operating system including Windows 7 and a flexible data import and export in different formats including Google Earth.

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