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Leica Geosystems Enhances Aerial Film Scans

Leica Geosystems’ GIS & Mapping Division announced the latest release of its SCAN aerial film scanning software that works in conjunction with the high- throughput Leica DSW300 and DSW500 scanners. Along with the addition of a Brightness Enhancing Filter (BEF), a new hardware component for the scanners, SCAN v4.3.3 markedly improves the quality of the image scan, especially for photography taken over expansive homogeneous areas such as bodies of water and deserts.

The new version of the software features enhancements in the feathering and radiometric algorithms, which help mitigate fluctuations in contrast inherent in aerial photography. The BEF meanwhile, focuses the light of the scanner, allowing users to achieve the same exposure using lower light levels from the strobe lamp and helping create a brighter, more homogeneous light bundle. “These additions complement the strength of the DSW500 scanner in preserving the greatest amount of detail in each scanned image,” stated Scott Miller, Vice President, Airborne Data Acquisition, LIDAR/Photogrammetry, Leica Geosystems, GIS & Mapping Division. “Having the best quality scan saves customers time throughout the rest of the post-processing workflow.”

One of the most powerful and reliable scanners in the industry, the Leica DSW500 scans film acquired by aerial cameras such as the Leica RC30. Digital imagery output by the SCAN software can be corrected for variations due to hot spots, vignetting, atmospheric and film processing effects, using the Leica’s ImageEqualizer application. Processing can continue with systems including SOCET SET® advanced digital photogrammetric workstation and ERDAS IMAGINE® geographic imagery software from Leica Geosystems. Throughout the process, digital imagery and data can be archived and managed via Leica’s GeoVault Data Manager.

SCAN v4.3.3 and the BEF will be available to customers with current Leica Geosystems maintenance contracts starting July 2002.