Leica Geosystems acquires Swedish software company

Leica Geosystems acquires Swedish software company


Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 15 January 2007 – Leica Geosystems has announced the acquisition of the Swedish company Svensk ByggnadsGeodesi AB (SBG). SBG designs, manufactures and supplies software and hardware for surveying and machine control applications.

“The different product lines complement our Geomatics and Construction solutions. The acquisition of SBG allows us to provide our Surveying and Construction clients with powerful new products and enhanced service capabilities”, says Clement Woon, President of the Geosystems Division within Leica Geosystems .

SBG’s main products are machine control solutions, field surveying software as well as office tools for surveyors. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden and employs 30 people. SBG will be consolidated as of 15 January 2007 and will immediately contribute to Leica Geosystems’ earnings.

“The acquisition of SBG is part of Leica Geosystems’ growth strategy to become the number one player in the Construction Machine Automation market. This process began with the acquisition of Scanlaser Sweden, Scanlaser Norway and Mikrofyn, and will now be accelerated by the addition of SBG”, explained Clement Woon, President of the Geosystems Division within Leica Geosystems. “On the other hand, SBG is also strong in the surveying software business, and its products and service opportunities are a further commitment to our core business in Geomatics”.

SBG, founded in 1970, has had a long and successful record of cooperation with Scanlaser and Mikrofyn, which Leica Geosystems acquired during 2006. The companies will operate as independent businesses within Leica Geosystems, managed by their existing management teams. “The combined competency will be applied globally within our company”, said Clement Woon.