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Leica GeoMoS Web v2.1 enhances online visualisation of data

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems released an update of Leica GeoMoS Web, a web-based service for visualisation and analysis of monitoring data via the Internet. Leica GeoMoS Web v2.1 provides advanced visualisation capabilities and can be accessed by using a web browser, PDA, or mobile phone. 
In Leica GeoMoS Web v2.1, contour graphs have been implemented to the graph type management. Such contour graphs deliver status information regarding the monitoring project and are for example, very helpful for subsidence monitoring. Contour graphs are based on the real 2D positions of points and sensors and can represent any series of measurements with colours proportional to the movement. The new settings included in the graph type can easily be defined with an assistant in the graph type management. Additionally, the contour graphs can be georeferenced with a map.  
The new zooming functionality fits perfectly with the architecture of a server-based web application without any additional software required on the client PC, and the graphs are always created on the GeoMoS Web server.
With the updated version of GeoMoS Web, it is not only possible to assign sites to the overview image but points as well. Assigning points directly to the overview image is helpful for smaller or GNSS only projects where the zoning in different sites is not reasonable. In addition, the access to points (e.g. meteo sensors or webcams) for multiple sites is now easier.
In order to simplify the effort of setting up report templates for different audiences and reports, the existing reporting has been extended with the “copy report template” functionality. The feature allows the user to copy report templates and modify them. This greatly simplifies the creation process of multiple reports with different content.
Source: Leica Geosystems