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Leica GeoMoS v3.0 introduced

Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 15 March 2007: Leica GeoMoS v3.0 is an upgrade to Leica Geosystems well known GeoMoS, an open, scalable and customizable software suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications. Version 3.0 includes a range of improvements for the two main applications, Monitor and Analyzer, and introduces a new product structure and licensing concept, making Leica GeoMoS economical for both small and large monitoring projects.

GeoMoS Version 3.0 introduces a new product structure and sensor license concept that offers customers a highly capable monitoring solution that scales to their needs

A new product structure makes the Leica GeoMoS software highly customizable, allowing customers to purchase only the functionality they require. The basic GeoMoS Monitor application works like an engine and can be expanded to include total station computations, limit checks and messaging. The new sensor license concept means that the software scales with the number and type of sensors that are connected. Additional sensor licenses or software options can easily be added later should the needs of the project change. With this new structure, Leica GeoMoS is a highly flexible and customizable software that is suitable and affordable for both large and small, simple and complex monitoring projects.