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Leica expands Zeno GIS series GNSS SmartAntenna

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems released a new Zeno GIS family member – the Leica Zeno GG02 plus. According to the company’s press statement, it is a versatile centimetre accurate GNSS SmartAntenna. It combines dual-frequency GPS and optional GLONASS support. In addition, Leica released Zeno Connect and new versions of Zeno Field v2.0 and Zeno Office v2.0.

The Leica Zeno GG02 plus can be used to accurately map critical infrastructure, property information and other features including cadastral and public works data, (re-) locate oil pipelines, gas line and electric cables. It supports regional reference station networks or local base station to collect centimetre accurate positions in the field. If no reference station service is available, centimetre accuracy can also be achieved with post-processing the GNSS data in Zeno Office v2.0.

Some of the key features of the new Zeno GIS Rover includes a dual-frequency GPS and GLONASS SmartAntenna with centimetre accuracy, either in real-time or after post-processing, fully rugged design (IP67, both in GNSS/GIS handheld and SmartAntenna) able to work in extreme temperatures with an exchangeable all day battery, 2 megapixel camera, in-built 3.5G modem, simplest GNSS and RTK configurations and the well known EasyIn/Out dataflow concept – all designed to meet the demanding requirements of the GIS data collection market.

Additional improvements with the new release include the full support of the built-in camera with Zeno Field v2.0. Field workers can easily make photos in Zeno Field, with no extra devices, batteries, or file transfers being required.

Leica Zeno Connect is an app for 3rd party software applications to manage and configure the Zeno GNSS sensors (GS05, GS06 and GG02 plus) and receive NMEA messages. In addition, a SDK is available to selected partners to integrate Zeno Connect into their applications.  Zeno Connect allows Zeno customers and partners to quickly and easily leverage Leica Geosystems’ mobile solutions products within their mobile applications.

Source: Leica Geosystems