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Leica enhances processing speed of XPro 5.1

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems announced enhancements to its superior line sensor workflow Leica XPro. Users of Leica XPro 5.1 can now benefit from the conceptual changes within the workflow to double the processing speed and to deliver Info Clouds that include – additionally to Point Clouds – spectral and time information. 
The innovative approach used in Leica XPro 5.1 allows performing the intermediate workflow steps of image QC and aerial triangulation directly on the raw Mass Memory MM80 data. The time consuming L0 image extraction step can now be skipped. The new software version offers an one-click ‘from Raw to Product’ processing option for applications as disaster management, where the production and delivery speed of orthoimages play a crucial role. 
The DSM (Digital Surface Model) generation module of Leica XPro, released earlier this year, has in version 5.1 a new capability of processing Info Clouds. In contrast to Point Clouds, Info Clouds contain additionally spectral and time information. The dense 3D surface information is combined with the Leica ADS RGB or FCIR images. 
In Leica Xpro 5.1, the creation of Info Clouds is fully integrated into the processing workflow and lets users benefit by accessing clean data without editing. All information – x,y,z, spectral and time values – are perfectly combined in one data set. This symbiosis of image and height information has shifted the focus from using the traditional orthophoto maps to completely new and more informative n-dimensional data. 
Source: Leica Geosystems