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Leica announces phase-based laser scanner

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems announced HDS7000, a new phase-based laser scanner that lets users take advantage of ultra-high speed scanning for more as-built survey applications on more sites. The HDS7000 features key enhancements over its predecessor. Some of them include:
– Longer range at which vertical surfaces can now be detected over 100m,
– New, graphical on-board user interface,
– Reduced range noise at longer ranges,
– Class 1 laser for sites that require this classification.

Phase-based scanners are known for their ultra-high scan speeds and corresponding high scan density, but have long been relegated to short range, as-built applications such as tunnels, building interiors, and compact industrial plants. With scanning speeds up to >1 million pts/second, the new HDS7000 phase-based scanner extends the practical range at which phase-based lasers can receive detectable laser returns – especially from vertical surfaces.

The compact HDS7000 is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. It also features two data storage/transfer options: on-board memory or two convenient USB sticks. A new, embedded tilt sensor allows averaged, batch-style tilt compensation after each scan that opens up the potential use of convenient traverse and back-sight field methods, in addition to the traditional use of standard target-based registration and geo-referencing methods.

Source: Leica