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Leica Announces New Releases of SOCET SET

Leica Geosystems’ GIS & Mapping Division released SOCET SETÒ V4.4.0 for Windows and Solaris, as well as ORIMA V5.03 and PRO600 v4.4.0. SOCET SET, together with the high-end ORIMA (aerial triangulation) and PRO600 (feature extraction for MicroStation Geographic) software, leads the market in photogrammetric post-processing solutions. Some of the key features for the new releases include new frame import, multiple image selection, the ability to dodge and view images in real-time, and the ability for ORIMA to read Applanix IMU data directly for all SOCET SET coordinate systems.

Thousands of users worldwide rely on SOCET SET, ORIMA and PRO600 for triangulation, feature collection, digital terrain models (DTMs), orthophotos, mosaics, fly-throughs, and more. A modular, customizable system that runs in both monoscopic and stereoscopic modes, SOCET SET handles the most demanding photogrammetric processes for scanned film imagery, airborne digital imagery, and satellite image data.

Customers with current Leica Geosystems software maintenance contracts will receive a CD containing the new releases.