Leica and Swepos to exchange GNSS raw data

Leica and Swepos to exchange GNSS raw data


Stockholm, Sweden: Leica Geosystems AB, Sweden, and Swepos signed an agreement for GNSS raw data exchange. With this new GNSS data exchange agreement, Leica Geosystems will be able to build up a fully covering Network-RTK solution for Sweden in combination with the Swepos reference sites, in a very short time.

The new network called Leica SmartNet will be able to offer new possibilities for Leica Geosystems users and professional partners, and will be a part of the European-wide Leica SmartNet System.

Swepos is the national GNSS network provider in Sweden, which is operated and owned by the Swedish government organisation LANTMÄTERIET (National Land Survey). The Swepos network covers the whole country, offering GNSS-correction data from approximately 200 reference stations to more then 1500 professional users since 1998.

“Leica Geosystems will emphasise the work to broaden the user categories for GNSS-corrections. The agricultural businesses, as well as GIS and Machine Control are just some examples of businesses where we see huge growth potential,” said Hans Borg, Sales Manager, Leica Geosystems Sweden.

The test phase will start immediately, with plans to go live with full coverage by the beginning of April 2011.

Source: Leica Geosystems