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Learning ArcGIS Spatial Analyst Course From ESRI Virtual Campus

ESRI Virtual Campus presents Learning ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, a new course designed for experienced ArcGIS software users who want to learn how to create, modify, and analyze raster surfaces using ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.

This six-module course (the first module being free) has introduced ArcGIS Spatial Analyst tools and teaches participants how to analyze surfaces; interpolate raster surfaces; map surface distance and density; and perform cell, neighborhood, and zonal statistical analysis. In addition, the course provides an overview of map algebra and the mathematical functions and operators available in the Raster Calculator, which prepares participants for raster modeling. After completing the course, participants will be able to use ArcGIS Spatial Analyst to generate slope, aspect, and hillshade surfaces; create straight-line and cost-weighted distance surfaces; find the least-cost path; convert vector data to raster data; perform viewshed analysis; and specify the working environment for raster analysis.