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Leading the way with Visionary Thinking

Aylesbury, UK, July 27, 2007: ESRI (UK) has launched its new corporate branding and Visionary Thinking positioning, which encapsulates the organisation’s ability to provide innovative, customer-focused solutions through the power of GIS and supports its Purpose, Vision and Mission statements.

ESRI (UK)’s corporate Vision is for geographic information systems to be an indispensable part of daily life” says Richard Waite, Managing Director. “We truly believe that GIS can make a real difference to many organisations, be they in the public or private sectors.

“To live our Mission, which is ’To convince our current and future customers of the powerful benefits of geographic information systems’, we have developed our understanding of all the sectors that we serve and we constantly challenge ourselves to develop GIS solutions which anticipate and meet our customers’ needs. We believe that we offer our customers Visionary Thinking.”

Supporting ESRI (UK)’s approach, ESRI Inc awarded ESRI (UK) the Global Award for Excellence in Innovation at the Annual User Conference in June 2007.