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Leading Indian geographers to discuss ways to manage natural resources

Allahabad, India, 14 October 2006: The Allahabad University’s (AU) Geography Department is gearing up to host the three-day XXVIIIth Indian Geographers Meet from November 16. The conference will address problems of ‘Managing our Natural Resources: With a Focus on Land and Water’ as its focal theme, besides holding a number of technical sessions on different branches of Geography.

Members of the Institute of Indian Geographers, other geographers and scientists from allied disciplines from all over the country are expected to attend the meet and share their research findings, present papers and participate in the proceedings of the Meet.

Informing about the conference, Head of the AU Geography Department and the president-cum-convenor of the meet, Prof HN Mishra said that the technical sessions will comprise various sections like ‘Contemporary Thinking in Geography’ dealing with issues related to changes in the content and methodology of the disciplines, philosophical issues, over emphasis on and neglect of certain aspects of geography among others.

Prof Mishra said that a special feature of the meet will be a special session on ‘Managing our natural resources with a focus on land and water’. “Natural resources constitute the assets, which enable humans to realise their cultural, social, economic and spiritual goals. During the last two centuries, the land and water resources of the earth have been put to great strain. They are no longer treated as indispensable for the very survival of humanity, let alone the great civilisation that we boast of,” he said.

Both are considered as resources for exploitation rather than the very foundation for life to exist and evolve further into higher levels of consciousness.

Prof Mishra informed that Professor RN Dubey Memorial Lecture would also be organised by RN Dubey Foundation in collaboration with IIG during the conference. He said that another attraction during the meet would be the special exhibitions to be put up by the National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation, National Remote Sensing Agency and Census of India.