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LeadDog releases Colombia Major Roads & Highways

LeadDog Consulting today announced the release of Colombia Major Roads & Highways. Designed for routing, tracking and any location based service application, the LeadDog product covers every major road and highway in Colombia.

“This allows our clients to immediately use data sets with a high level of confidence they will meet application requirements,” says LeadDog’s President, Jim Anderson. “We take the mystery out of the currentness and quality of international GIS data.”

“Our Colombia Major Roads & Highway data sets are comparable in quality and ‘look and feel’ to maps for the US and Europe,” Anderson explains, “which is a big issue for our clients, who don’t have the time to sort out different data formatting in every country they look at.” The LeadDog Colombia product aims to allow GIS users to replicate GIS solutions efficiently and cost effectively across Colombia and other countries in Latin America.

“Colombia is a key market for a lot of our clients,” Anderson reports. “It feels great to be able to offer something comprehensive and accurate.”

Colombia Major Roads & Highways is available in all major GIS formats.