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Layton Graphics obtains National Geospatial Intelligence Agency contract

Layton Graphics has announced recently that it has won a contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (“NGA”) for a new initiative featuring its MAP2PDF software. This initiative, called eChart, uses geo-registered PDF (“GeoPDF”) to provide geospatial intelligence to their customers in the military and intelligence communities. The advantages of distributing data in GeoPDF include: small file sizes for both raster and vector data, COTS geo-referenced PDF, ISO PDF/X attributes for “blind” exchange of print data ensures reliable printing, embedded XML metadata for improved cataloging, search and discovery, and embedded role- based PKI certificates ensure customers receive “trusted” content. Distributing maps in a commercial file format that is ubiquitous and viewable with the free Adobe Reader allows greater access to data for all users.

System users will have the ability to easily navigate within geo- registered PDF maps, perform GPS tracking, view spatially enabled GeoPDF maps, and easily collect data such as GPS coordinates, digital images/video, text notes and audio recordings in the field which can be plotted/displayed on the PDF maps. With GeoPDF mapping, complex spatial data is easily managed within Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, which makes it ideal for map viewing and intelligence gathering by field personnel. The ability to republish this data to any computer user with Adobe Reader gives end users a universal ability to share the data they collect.

MAP2PDF allows for embedding coordinate systems and attribute data into PDF maps, which more closely resembles the GIS functionality available in maps that are currently accessed via much more complex GIS applications. MAP2PDF bridges the world between a PDF image map and more advanced GIS functionality.