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Layton Graphics forms TerraGo Technologies

Layton Graphics in U.S. an image and information management company specializing in engineering and GIS data announced recently that its software division, Layton GeoScience, has been separated from the parent company and TerraGo Technologies has been formed. The new company will be able to better focus on the specific needs of its GIS customers and more easily attract investments for expansion of sales, marketing and product development.

TerraGo Technologies is a provider of mapping solutions that allow GIS professionals to share complex, georegistered geospatial data with non-technical professionals across the enterprise in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). MAP2PDF, the TerraGo product line, is available in multiple versions for major GIS applications and Adobe Acrobat 7.0 software. MAP2PDF allows customers to create and publish layered georegistered maps, known as GeoPDFs. Users create a map and use MAP2PDF to export the data to a GeoPDF.