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Layton Graphics announces release of Map2PDF for acrobat version 2.1

Layton Graphics, Inc. has announced the latest release of MAP2PDF for Acrobat, version 2.1. The new version of MAP2PDF includes new features intended to make GeoPDF even more useful for map publication.

The new features in MAP2PDF for Acrobat include added support for military coordinates, dual coordinate displays, linear and polygonal feature display, and shape file import. Additionally, users can geo-register multiple map frames in different datums and projections all within the same PDF file. The user simply selects at least two points with known coordinates, indicates the datum and projection used to produce the map, and enters the coordinates in either latitude/longitude or northing/easting. In addition to reporting geodetic positions, MAP2PDF allows for displaying coordinates in many different projections or datums.

Although the map graphics are not distorted by a datum or projection change, the coordinate display is changed, so it is now possible to display the coordinate of a single point in three different datum/projection combinations simultaneously.

GeoPDF maps allow end-users with Adobe Reader the ability to turn layers on or off, view and query attributes embedded as standard PDF comments, view coordinates, re-project to other projection coordinates, measure distance, view azimuth and bearing, and interact with GPS devices. Additionally, these intelligent PDF maps can be enhanced with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 to allow end-users to redline and markup using only Adobe Reader. There is no cost to end-users for any of the MAP2PDF for Adobe Reader functionality.