Layer Wizard Extension for ArcGIS

Layer Wizard Extension for ArcGIS


Houston, USA, August 07, 2007: Geodynamic Solutions Inc. (GSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of LandWorks Inc., introduced Layer Wizard, an ArcGIS extension that enables GIS users to quickly find data layers based on themed categories, workspace locations, or metadata searches. The Layer Wizard extension can replace the ‘Add Data’ button on the ArcGIS toolbar for users to access a variety of data-layer search, preview and access functions.

It allows GIS users to query, find and add any layer and its preferred symbology to ArcGIS. Users can logically organize their data layers by one or more categories, retrieving multiple symbologies for the same layer which are easily previewed before adding them to the current ArcGIS session.

Layer Wizard comes complete with an Administrator application that allows one or more designated users to control the configuration of the main user interface and workspace. The Administrator can establish standardized symbology and file naming conventions across the entire enterprise and can also limit specific database access to various end users.

“Geodynamic Solutions designed the Layer Wizard for GIS users who have very large numbers of data layers stored across multiple ArcSDE instances, personal geodatabases, or shapefiles throughout their enterprise.” said Sam Marcello, GSI Business Development Manager.