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Law boosts Ethiopia’s mining industry

Ethiopia: After the introduction of new mining and mining income tax laws entitled, A Proclamation to Promote Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources, Ethiopia is experiencing extensive mining exploration work, according to an article published in Mineweb.

In terms of geological mapping the Geological Survey of Ethiopia (GSE) has covered about 50% of Ethiopia, including the major greenstone belts, at 1:250,000 scale. Since then potentially economic gold resources, mainly in mesothermal or orogenic deposits, have been outlined at several localities. However, most of the areas are yet to be explored.

About gold mining, the article mentioned that the first major exploration campaign for gold was the Adola Gold Exploration Project led by the former Soviet in the early 80s concentrating on the Southern Greenstone Belt.  This was followed by the GSE working in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), initially in western Ethiopia. Subsequently the focus shifted to southern Ethiopia, with an airborne geophysical survey over about 3000 square km of the Adola Belt carried out in 1993. The next major initiative was the five-year Ethionor project, a Norwegian-GSE collaboration that started in1996.

Source: Mineweb