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Laurel Hill GIS releases GeoData SENTRY

October 1, 2002 – Laurel Hill GIS has announced that GeoData SENTRY, an automated quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) software product for ArcGIS enterprise geodatabases, is now available to download.

GeoData SENTRY helps users reduce the time and cost of feature validation at posting by bulk data testing rather than transactional testing at the point of edit. “This minimizes the number of features manually validated at post time which translates to productivity gains. As a result, large multi-user enterprise ArcGIS sites can expect improved bottom lines,” explains Laurel
Hill GIS Vice President, Matthew McCain.

GeoData SENTRY is built upon Laurel Hill GIS’ years of database consulting and software development experience. The software runs from ArcCatalog
within ArcGIS and provides users the ability to create custom testing environments for their geodatabases. Users can control data migration, perform data acceptance, certify databases for application development, and
schedule validation of data in maintenance. Technical and managerial users can detect and report errors related to attribute validity, referential integrity,
and spatial relationships. The report output is written in user friendly HTML.

GeoData SENTRY is available in three different editions. The Professional Edition provides the complete test inventory and the ability to create, edit and run tests/test suites, and view reports. The Run Edition allows users to run all tests/test suites in the test inventory and view reports, but does not allow the user to edit or create new tests/test suites. The Community Edition is full-featured and allows the user to create and edit tests/test suites, run test suites, and view reports for a subset of tests.