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Launch of a new magazine, i4d on ICT for development

A new magazine, i4d (Information for Development) has been launched on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for development. i4d is published by Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions (CSDMS), an NGO promulgating technologies like GIS, GPS and remote sensing through advocacy, projects and workshops.

Shri Arun Shourie –Minister of Disinvestment, Communications and Information Technology and Shri Sharad Pawar – Member of Parliament launched the magazine at the Third Annual Baramati Initiative on ICT and Development 30th May to 2nd June 2003. The magazine is the first of its kind in India and is specifically committed to introduce ICT for meaningful economic and social development for emerging economies. This publication will provide the much-needed print platform for experience sharing and enlightening ICT initiatives to masses.

The inaugural issue has articles from the veterans Ken Kenniston of MIT (Boston), Fredrick Noronha of Bytes for all distinction and others of the ICT field. This issue has its focus on the challenges and opportunities of the ICT vision. It comprises of some regular features “Insight” that gives the experiences of an insider of a project, “Rendezvous” where reports of the events are given and “Etcetera”, the last column of the magazine. The articles can also be read online on the website www.i4donline.net.

The future issues intend to take up ICT in application areas of E-governance, health, education and so forth. The magazine is going to build common knowledge and understanding among social entrepreneurs, ICT entrepreneurs, members of the development community and government officials.