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Launch of a GIS based on-line discussion group.

Haestad Methods, a provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)-based hydraulic modeling solutions, launched its latest on-line discussion group, GISTalk. Accessible at , this free on-line forum provides a place for GIS professionals to ask questions and raise issues regarding geographic and geospatial information systems and receive feedback from colleagues and Haestad Methods’ GIS experts. These discussion groups are not just about software, they are about the people that make it work. GISTalk is poised to build on the success of its predecessors and extends Haestad Methods’ forums to an even broader community. To keep things lively, Haestad Methods’ engineers and researchers will be contributing to the discussions to provide members with quick responses.
With Haestad Methods’ global user base of 125,000 GIS and civil engineering professionals in over 170 countries, the group is expected to draw a large audience and provide a wide range of perspectives on integrating GIS and water resources software.

Professionals interested in joining GISTalk or any other Haestad Methods’ discussion group can subscribe by visiting