lat/lon gets principal membership in the OGC

lat/lon gets principal membership in the OGC


US: The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announced that lat/lon has become a principal member of the OGC. Such members evaluate and provide guidance on market direction and Consortium focus. They have authority over the development, release and adoption of OGC standards through their voting rights in the OGC Planning Committee (PC).

Athina Trakas, OGC’s Director, European Services, said, “lat/lon’s move to principal membership in the OGC reflects their understanding of the importance of OGC knowledge and participation in meeting the business needs of the community. Their success is also a reflection of how Germany and Europe have committed to interoperability based on open standards.”

Dr. Christian Kiehle, lat/lon’s technical OGC representative, sees the commitment to standardisation and compliance as an important milestone: “OGC standards have become the backbone of many productive spatial information systems. lat/lon is very happy that our long-term contribution to OGC’s CITE initiative has laid the foundation for this promising collaboration.”

Source: OGC