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Latin American insurer selects Esri’s enterprise solutions

Redlands, US: Sancor Insurance, based-in Sunchales, Argentina, signed an enterprise license agreement (ELA) with Esri. As part of the agreement, Sancor will implement GIS technology in its services that include risk research, impact assessment of the newly insured, and planning and risk management.

Sancor Insurance is a general insurance company with extensive experience in agricultural insurance, serves customers in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Brazil. Implementing the ELA provides Sancor with unlimited access to Esri’s ArcGIS software licenses for all the company’s offices.

“GIS is essential to better understand the spatial location and distribution of potential customers,” said Daniel Dechiara, GIS expert at Sancor Insurance. “By signing this agreement, Sancor Insurance will be able to significantly expand access to GIS software within the company and extend new services to our customers.”

Esri technology is being adopted in anticipation of its consumption by all business processes in Sancor Insurance’s many divisions. “GIS technology is growing by leaps and bounds in many industries, especially insurance,” said Fernando Diaco, process and systems manager, Sancor Insurance. “Esri technology will become a piece of our technology architecture to ensure scalability and meet our future needs.”

An Esri ELA gives unlimited access to ArcGIS technology on desktops, servers, mobile devices, and the cloud throughout Sancor’s regional offices. The Esri ELA provides benefits to users that include:
– Reduction of administrative and acquisition costs
– Flexible implementation of Esri products when and where needed
– Sharing of tools and projects through a corporate platform

“Now Sancor Insurance has the necessary GIS tools to achieve the vision and strategic business application that have been developed in recent years,” said Marcelo Portela, account executive at Aeroterra S.A., Esri’s distributor in Argentina, which is assisting Sancor Insurance with its implementation. “We are pleased to offer a solution that has the ability to reach all sectors and improve processes without technological limitations.”

Source: Esri